New Home

Street View

In the Fall, the Japanese Maple changes color

Autum from Deck

Fall from Deck
(Over 60 bags of leaves.each Fall)

Winter from Deck

Winter Sunrise Off the Deck in Back

Christmas !

Nearly 3 weeks after 2009 White Christmas !

I work in a totally rebuilt railroad roundhouse

Below is the original turntable for putting train engines in the proper bay in one of the roundhouses

Recently, they added a refurbished US Mail car to the turntable

We had a "microburst" which is like a non-rotating tornado:
We were lucky and only lost a couple hundred pounds of branches and leaves, and a couple of pieces from the fence when a huge branch out behind our yard fell on it.

Bill and Jim Stop by for a Visit:

Fourth of July fireworks over the lakes:


Leaf and Rain Season: