Bill's Big Solo Adventure !

Friday I rode to Fort Collins, CO, and stayed with Bill and brother Jim. (669 miles)
Saturday I rode some mountain twisties with my brother Jim, and brother-in-law Pete. (over 100 miles)
Sunday, I returned home. (Total 1522 miles in 3 days)

Friday: left at 6:07am.
On the cloverleaf to the highway a brown/white small animal jumped out 4 feet in front of me. I feel bad about that but there was nothing I could do. On the West side of the city it started to rain. I eventually found an underpass that I shared with an 18-wheeler, to put on my waterproof liners. (NOTE: Buy a rainsuit soon) While I was dressing, a big accident happened just down the road. I didn't leave the underpass for a good 1/2 hour, with the highway jammed with lookie-loos, fire engines, ambulances, and police cars. I spent the rest of the day riding in rain or hot sunshine. Saw LOTS of bikers returning from Sturgis. Almost at my destination when a limo rear-ended a small car. The highway was mostly shut down and it was HOT! Arrived in Ft. Collins at 6:07pm. The GPS said 10 hrs traveling and 2 hrs stopped. I rode fast. I was weary but happy.

Bill and Jim have a wonderful house and they treated me like royalty. They made my visit perfect. Brother Bob with Terry, and sister Meg with Pete, showed up for dinner. We had all the old family favorite receipes. Yum! I presented everyone with a selection of local BBQ sauces and fine wines. All of us were together for the first time in years (except my daughter Deanna. She was at home.)

Jim on his KLR (a cool bike - it makes me wish I had the Buell Ulysses instead of the 1200C) led Pete and me through some great (wet) scenery doing a lot of mountain twisties. I kept up in all but 2 or 3 curves. Got some great leaning practice. I slid and nearly wiped out on a wet cattle guard. Those things are everywhere. Even the ones I hit straight on with no power slid me a bit. Scary! I had the best ride of my life that day. (It would have been a little better without the rain, though.) We did over 100 miles.
I spent the evening at the 50-year anniversary of the CSU Police Department, at the Hilton. I saw folks I never thought that I would see again, although several of the folks I wanted to see have passed away, and a few others didn't show. We had folks from all over the USA. The furthest came back from Hawaii.
Sunday: left Ft. Collins at 7:15am.
The first 2 hours were COLD with fog and mist/drizzle. Jim gave me an Aerostich neck triangle which was a life-saver. I started all hot from putting on my gear in the house, but once I started, I was cool and chilly but not freezing. After a couple of hours my hands did start freezing up and I was COLD! When I refueled I washed my hands a long time in hot water and used the air dryer on my hands, under my jacket, etc. Drank hot chocolate or coffee at every stop until 2:30pm when I was able to take off my winter gloves, jacket liner, and neck triangle. I ran fast and furious. Got home at 7:05pm. Bone weary and some aches.

It wasn't a comfortable ride all the time, but I am glad I did it. The Sportster did very well, considering that it isn't a touring bike. I don't intend to ever ride that fast, for that long of a distance, in one day again - I want my next long ride to be a bit more leisurely. It was a grand adventure, with many of the memorable parts not in this brief summary.

"A man and his steed of iron, alone, against the elements........" or something like that.

Saturday's ride in the mountains - click the photos below for a closeup view.

Jim and his KLR, Pete and his SV650, me and my 1200C.

It rained most of the day and night.

Jim, me, and Pete during a dry moment.