Motorcycling in Missouri

Bill's Big Solo Adventure !

Bill and Pete Slay the Dragon at Deal's Gap !

Bill and Pete at Top Of The Rockies !

Bill's HJC Sy-max flip-up (modular) helmet with
"SpeedStripes" decals from
Mary's Nolan N42 helmet with
"Megaflames" decals from

Aerostich Roadcrafter suit for touring and commuting

I bought a RoadID - now a hospital can get all my medical,
insurance, and family info with a phone call or from the
Internet using a serial number and a pin from the tag.

My name, DOB, blood type are on the tag, too. Perfect for
solo activities, or adventurers.


Bike to Work

At Putt-4-Mutts

Cassoday "The Sturgis of Kansas"

The Flint Hills, Kansas
Kevin and his Katana and my Sporty

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The View

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To a car, this sign is a warning.
You may need to slow down to get through it safely.

To a motorcycle, this sign is a is a promise.
Fun ahead - do not slow down.

Ride Pins

FBRAT (Ferris Bueller Rides Again Tour)
Jerry Haughton takes a Buell Ulysses cross country to California

Waiting for Jerry to show, south of the state line...


The end of a long day, twistie roads, fun times...

"Goose Nuts" Ride

The Goose

The Nuts

American Royal Parade
Miss Teen America 2005

American Royal Parade
Roger and the Harlem Globetrotters

American Royal Parade
The Harlem Globetrotter(s)

Veterans' Day Ride
Placing Wreath at New Memorial

Lexington Memorial 2 Years after the above ride

Waiting to escort returning servicemen home

Servicemen (and women) home from 13 months in Iraq
Bikers Against Child Abuse

At the State Capitol to kick off Child Abuse Awareness Month

Riding to the Capitol (3rd bike on the right)

Krazy Karl speaks

Balloons for the state's Children who died of abuse in 2005

Part of the crowd (can you see me?)

Iron Butt Association

May 27 - Did a Saddlesore1000 ride. (1,000 miles within 24 hours)
1,040 miles in 18 hours.
Left at 2am, waited for another rider until 2:30, then began the ride. Returned just before 8pm.

After the first hour it rained on and off. From sprinkles to deluges through which you could see nothing.
It usually rained right when we hit construction zones. Oklahoma was mostly construction zones.

The construction and rain put us behind schedule. I wanted to get home before dark. We hit the turn-around
point in Denton after 10 hours (12 noon) so we had to push on strongly on the return trip.

My next feat will be a Coast-to-Coast in under 50 hours

After that, who knows. Maybe a National Park Tour......
Day trip (508.8 miles - 8+ hours)

Entering the state

The only working windmill I saw this cold windy day