What I did on My Vacation to Ireland

Friday - Flew from Denver to Atlanta to Shannon, Ireland.
Saturday - Drove to the cottage in Portsalon, on the Fanad peninsula.
Sunday - Drove the coast (and got lost on the inland roads) on Fanad.
Monday - Drove to Donegal town, shopped for tweed and sweaters.
Tuesday - Drove the Inishowen 100 (coastline of Inishowen peninsula). Got lost.
Wednesday - Drove to Letterkenny for souvenir shopping and sweaters. Lounged at cottage.
Thursday - Drove to the walled city, Derry/Londonderry (Northern Ireland).
Friday - Drove to Shannon. Stayed at the airport hotel.
Saturday - Flew to Atlanta, then to Denver. (We got delayed by that nut in Atlanta who caused the airport to shut down.)

Handy Irish phrases for Customs

Handy Irish phrases for the Police

Explanation of Cows vs. Sheep (and phrases)

Fairly wide Irish road (some wider, many narrower - many rural roads are closely bordered with hedges, trees, fences, stone walls, or a combination of all of the above.)

View from our Cottage (first sunrise)

View from our Cottage

View of our Cottage upon departure

Derry Tower Museum - William & Mary who seized the English throne

Derry Tower Museum - William & Mary who did not seize the English throne

Derry Tower Museum - Deanna & a coach

Duck-like bird swimming off the pier

Duck-like bird diving (about 1/2 minute underwater)

Fanad - Private Lighthouse

Fanad - Mary & Deanna at lighthouse

Fanad - Deanna at seaside near lighthouse

Fanad - more Deanna at seaside near lighthouse

Fanad - Ruth (grandma) at lookout near lighthouse

Fanad - Deanna with other family at seashore

Fanad - Lighthouse

Fanad - panorama of the lighthouse

Fanad - wave coming in

Fanad - Deanna is mesmerized by waves

Fanad - Mary & Ruth 'hanging out'

Fanad - Surf is getting wilder

Fanad - best surf picture!

Fanad - Deanna shelters at the lookout post

Driving - Lots of sheep in Ireland (satellite TV comes to Ireland)

Driving - Castle on a hill

Inishowen - Deanna & Mary at the beach

Inishowen - the tide is out

Inishowen - getting cloudy at the beach

Inishowen - high atop a beach

Inishowen - just to seaward of that beach

Inishowen - lots of churches, cemeteries, and sheep around here

Inishowen - the northern-most tip of Ireland!

Inishowen - did we mention the miles and miles of stone walls?

Inishowen - privacy !  

Mary's bar

Mary's of Donegal

Art - Many Sheep in Ireland

Art - Did we mention the sheep?

Coins - top half British (sterling) from Northern Ireland, bottom half coinage from the Irish Republic