The sport where YOU are the search engine.
A GPS device and a hunger for adventure are all you need for high tech treasure hunting.
There are 78,630 active caches in 193 countries. (As of Jan 2004)
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Geo Dogs are ready to roll.

I bought a RoadID - now a hospital can get all my medical,
insurance, and family info with a phone call or from the
Internet using a serial number and a pin from the tag. Perfect for
solo activities, or adventurers.

Me in my geocaching outfit

My 'Signature' items

My geo-family

Geo-dog Tasha examines the Lowenstein Cache

There was a micro-cache somewhere in there......

Peg-n-Mete and BettyD Strike it rich.

BettyD Finds Dad's Cache

Virtual Cache: "Green Head Cache" near the Jazz Museum


Signature Items I have found